Owning a home or commercial business in the McKinney, TX area means you’re a part of a community who cares about appearances and the best in curb appeal. The McKinney area has beautiful homes and commercial properties that are very attractive and welcoming. If you own a home or business here and you have wood structures like fences, decks, arbors, pergolas, or other enjoyable outdoor areas made of wood, keeping them in great looking shape will keep you proud of your curb appeal. Our McKinney fence restoration and wood staining company can help.

Curb Appeal Wood Care is a local family owned business that has been helping homeowners and commercial property owners improve their curb appeal with professional wood staining and fence restoration in McKinney, TX for years. We love our work because it’s very rewarding to help customers with ways to enhance their properties. Fence staining and restoration services are much more affordable than replacing your exterior wood structures and will extend the life of the wood so you have years more to enjoy your outdoor areas.

McKinney Fence Staining Service

Once a fence is exposed to the sun, rain, and storms in McKinney, it can get pretty beaten down looking. The sun alone will bleach and dry out your wooden fences, making them turn gray. You may be surprised at what a short time this can take and may think your wood fence has to be replaced. But in many cases the fence can be re-stained and sealed, especially when you contact our experts for fence staining in McKinney, TX.

Whether you have a new fence that needs wood staining and sealing or you have an older one that has turned gray, let us help you with our professional services. We offer competitive rates for McKinney fence staining and wood restoration projects for both residential and commercial properties.

McKinney Fence Restoration Company

There are many reasons why you’ll love having fence restoration services for your McKinney home or business. Everyone who invests in a wooden fence for their property should know that the wood needs to be kept well sealed or the harsh Texas weather will get to it quickly. It can be just one or two years before a new wood structure starts to appear gray and dull, longer than that and it looks as if the wood just has to be replaced, even on pressure treated wood.

The sun and other elements of nature play a huge role in the breakdown of wood structures. But the good news is, that in many cases your McKinney fence can be restored instead of having to be replaced entirely. Our Plano fence staining Contractors at Curb Appeal Wood Care, LLC can restore your fences, decks, arbors, and more so they last for more years and stay looking great.

If you are looking for an experienced professional for wood restoration services such as fence staining in Dallas, TX or any of the surrounding areas, please call 214-392-3043 or complete our online request form.

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