Why You Need Experts for Deck & Wood Fence Cleaning in Plano

It’s not that uncommon for fence or deck owners to believe that there is nothing they need to do for their wooden exterior structures other than sweep or use a hose to wash the debris off from time to time. Commonly, these people pay no attention to the condition of the wood on fences, decks, or other exterior wood structures until the boards need to be replaced or they are simply tired of the faded, weathered appearance and call our Plano fence restoration experts.

In reality, decks, fences, and any other outdoor furniture or structures made of wood need regular, periodic maintenance from wood restoration professionals who know what to use and how to use it right for long-lasting results. Many times, do-it-yourselfers understand the importance of keeping up the deck and fence, but fail to realize there are things they have to know and do in order to not damage or dry out the wood. Why set yourself up for an expensive replacement project when proper deck and fence restoration in Plano from our pros can save you money?

Why Wood Decks Need Regular Cleaning

Your wood deck, no matter the type of wood, is porous which makes it absorbent. It soaks up liquids and allows dirt to get ground in. Stains easily occur on more porous wood types like pine. Hardwoods are more dense but are still able to absorb liquids and the upper layers can hold ground in materials. A deck is a high foot traffic area which makes ground in dirt very common. So even if you are sweeping regularly and scrubbing with a broom, you don’t get the ground in dirt and stains out.

When substances get deep down under the surface of the wood, they aren’t easy to remove. The last thing you want to do is let stains and grime set in, so regular cleaning with the right solutions is important. You have to use some type of solution from a good product that is safe for the wood to get it deep down clean, and follow up with new sealant and possibly stain depending on the age of the deck or fence. A big problem with using cleaning solutions is that they easily damage the wood.

Wood has natural oils within the structure which can dry out. Dry wood for a deck, fence, or any other outdoor structure will begin to crack and split, which means you’re headed for an expensive replacement.

Proper Procedures From Professional Deck Cleaners

Proper cleaning of your wood decks, fences, play sets, outdoor furniture, and other structures is important. Plano wood restoration professionals are trained to know all about the available products on the market, proper methods for deck and fence cleaning, and have all the tools and equipment to get the project done efficiently and effectively. If you’re preparing to clean a fence yourself, be prepared for a long process because it takes a lot of work. Hiring a professional for deck or fence restoration in Plano, on the other hand, will free you up to do other things.

When your deck is cleaned by a professional, there are little things a professional with experience will do that make a difference such as the proper care and protection of your foliage, concrete surfaces, pool equipment, pools, spas, fountains, and more. Plus, a good professional will do the proper cleanup for your driveways and concrete areas afterward.

Curb Appeal Fence Co.’s Plano fence staining and wood restoration professionals can do all the work for you with your deck cleaning, fence cleaning, and other wood structures with proper restoration procedures. We’ll make sure your Plano residential home or commercial property are respected with the utmost care to bring in beautiful new curb appeal.

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