Why Use UV Resistant Staining & Sealant Products For Wood Durability

While we love our wide-open skies in Texas, the hot Texas summers can be scorching. When was the last time you didn’t feel the heat beating up from the asphalt or feel it burn the skin right off your feet in July or August?

Just imagine the wood on the exterior of your home and how damaging that scorching sunlight and heat can be. Yet, so many homeowners let their wood fences, decks, cedar siding, pergolas, and other structures go unprotected from the harsh UV ray damage of the sun.

Once the unprotected wood is all dried out and damaged, moisture will create its own damage. Before you know it, it’s time to replace that deck, fence, or other structure.

It’s vital to protect these wood surfaces from the weather. Otherwise, your nice new wood fence or beautiful deck won’t last. Did you know that new wooden exterior structures can last for decades and still look great if you apply the initial protection and then follow up with resealing and maintenance every three years or so?

That’s a significant difference from the average five to seven year lifetime of an unprotected wooden fence. It can cost thousands to replace a wood fence or deck, so it is well worth protecting the wood.

Staining and sealant products that have UV ray protection built in will significantly lengthen the lifetime of your exterior wood structures. And, they will make a difference for your beautiful wood floors, cabinetry, doors, shelving, and other wood features inside your home. UV rays go right through standard window glass.

UV Resistant Stains & Sealants Protect Wood From:





Exposure to Moisture

UV Resistant Stains & Sealants Protect Wood From Moisture Damages:

Joint Expansion

Panel Expansion


Panel Contraction

Joint Opening

Mold, mildew, algae growth

Hiring A Wood Staining & Sealant Contractor

Be sure you hire a wood staining and sealant contractor who uses a quality product. At Curb Appeal Woodcare LLC, we use and recommend premium stains and sealants that are VOC compliant and protective against UV ray damages. But no matter how good a product is, it does no good unless it’s properly applied.

If the surface is not properly prepared and the staining and sealant products applied correctly, the results either won’t last or won’t look right.

The type, age, and condition of a wood structure will vary. This can make the same stain product appear and act differently on different structures.

The same stain on the same structure can also look different if some areas of the structure are damaged or more porous.

This is why it’s important to hire a contractor who has the experience to deal with these problems. The results need to last and they need to look right.

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