Why You Need UV Protection For Your Plano Wood Fence

UV damages on your fence or other exterior wood structures will eventually cause the need for replacement. In the meantime, you’ll live with a weathered, ugly, dull-gray fence that only gets worse. Curb Appeal Wood Care loves to help educate customers in the DFW area about proper wood care and the work our Plano fence restoration pros provide. If you have any questions or need help with your fence restoration, staining, or sealing needs, please give our experts a call.

When you have exterior wood structures such as fences, decks, play sets, arbors, or gazebos on your Plano property, the wood is exposed to the hot Texas sun pretty much year round. The sun emits harmful rays that travel on the ultraviolet wave length of light. UV rays are very damaging to wood whether it’s on your interior or exterior of your home. Wood located in direct sunlight areas, as well as shaded areas, need to be properly protected with UV protective solutions due to the properties of the radiation.

The sun’s energy is made up of three types of radiation, with UV standing for Ultraviolet Radiation. Visible Radiation, and Near-Infrared Radiation are also emitted to the earth from the sun and do damage to unprotected wood. We cannot see UV as it is invisible to the human eye. It has very short wavelengths which range from 300 to around 380 nm (nanometers). Radiation with short wave lengths penetrate wood deeper, causing the oils that are present in all wood types to disintegrate. Oil is what brings out the natural beauty in wood, and must be protected from this fading and drying process caused by the elements of nature.

All radiation affects wood, but UV rays are the most common and destructive forms for drying it out and making it fade to a dull gray color. With proper Plano fence restoration products that are paraffinic oil based, the wood’s beauty is revived and UV protection is added to the structure of the wood.

In extreme climates, like ours here in the Plano, Texas area, it’s vital to keep our wood decks, fences, and other exterior wood structures protected from elemental damages. The right stain will bring out the natural beauty of your fence, and the right sealant will keep it looking beautiful for longer.

Plano Fence Restoration: When Fences & Decks Don’t Need to Be Replaced

Many think that an old weathered fence has to be replaced, and don’t realize that the wood can often be restored instead. That dull gray faded fence may have additional years of beauty left in it. Properly restored, the wood will look beautiful for years to come.

Proper fence restoration in Plano, TX is a particular technique done by wood restoration professionals who have been trained and experienced in the process. With the right products and techniques, your fences, decks, and other exterior structures will be cleaned and then re-stained and sealed.

There is a point that any fence has to be replaced, especially when it has been left unprotected for years. When your wooden fence starts to crack and split, pay attention because it won’t be long before more of it is damaged beyond restoration.

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