About Power Washing Vs. Wash Solutions For Wood Fences

Many Plano homeowners and commercial property owners are convinced by power washing companies that their techniques are safe for wood fences, decks, and other wood structures. The truth is that there are much better options available for fence restoration in Plano, TX that won’t hurt the wood structure. True, power washing will power away all the dirt and grime on your exterior surfaces…but if you consider the way a power washer works, you’ll understand why it’s not the right option for your weathered fences and decks.

Power washing only gets surfaces clean. This fence cleaning technique does nothing to get the deep down stains removed. Wood is very absorbent, even hardwoods and pressure-treated wood. Over time, the sun, weather, storms, hail, and more damage the wood. Left unprotected, your fence, decks, and other wood structures will dry out and eventually crack and split. Then you’ll either have to replace them or call a professional for wood restoration in Plano.

The Right Way to Wash Wood Fences in Plano, TX

Wood is never something you want to treat with high pressured streams of water. There are Plano fence restoration products on the market today that can be applied to your wood fences that save the damages that power washing or pressure washing can cause.

High-powered streams of water remove the top layer of the wood surface of your fence, decks, and other exterior structures instead of cleaning to remove deep down stains. When wood weathers and turns gray, the effects are deep down. To properly treat and clean the fence, a cleaning solution should be used instead which will remove deep down stains. After cleaning, the surface should be properly prepared for more years of protection.

The pressure used in commercial power washing ranges, but in general from 1,000 psi to 5,000. Commercial power washing equipment is far stronger than the power washers you rent or buy at your local home improvement store. A home power washers are generally no higher than 3300 psi. PSI stands for pounds per square inch. This is the pound-force per every square inch of space.

So think about having 5,000 pounds of pressure per square inch applied to a delicate wood surface that has already been damaged by the sun’s UV light and all the years of dirt and grime buildup from soot and dust in the air. Add to that insects, storms, hail, and more and you see why you should never use power washing on your Plano fence and other wooden structures.

Call the Plano Fence Restoration Pros

Curb Appeal Wood Care uses professional, commercial grade washing solutions to restore your wood fence and more. Our wood restoration products come from quality manufacturers using the latest technologies to provide the right treatment to bring back the beauty of all your exterior wood surfaces.

We are a family owned and operated company who has served the DFW areas since 2004, and our Plano wood restoration pros are committed to bringing you premium products and services at affordable rates. We are located in Richardson, Texas and serve many homeowners and business owners with curb appeal enhancement through our services like wood staining and fence restoration in Plano and the surrounding areas.

Our professionals don’t recommend having your wood structure power washed. If we did, we would offer that service as well. We know that your wood fences and other wooden structures are safer and better off with our wood restoration solutions. With our professional services such as fence staining in Plano, the proper prep work for protecting your other assets will be done and you’ll have some of the best service and products available.

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