About Curb Appeal Wood Care Fence Stains & Sealant Products

Every time Spring rolls around in the Plano and DFW area, homeowners everywhere are building fences and decks to enhance their landscapes. Fences are great for many reasons including shading the yard, providing security, keeping pets and children safe, and adding privacy to the property. As much as lumber costs today, it only makes sense to be sure your valuable home improvement investments are protected for as long as possible. Decks, fences, and other exterior wood structures need to be stained and sealed with quality products, even when pressure-treated lumber is used. At Curb Appeal Wood Care, our Plano fence staining pros only use top quality wood stains, sealants, and equipment to ensure you get the best results.

Our semi-Transparent Quality Wood Fence Stains

Curb Appeal Fence Co. only uses quality products in wood stains and sealants for your fences, decks, and other exterior wood structures in the Plano area. We use Wood DefenderĀ® products that will work to beautify, protect, and preserve the fence. Our Plano fence staining professionals can keep the look of your fence aesthetically pleasing and save you time, expense, and effort of replacing your fence every 5-7 years.

Benefits for wood protection with our quality stains:

UV Ray Protection

VOC Compliance

Inhibits Fungus, Algae, Mildew Growth

Water Proofs

Stabilizes Wood Color

Extreme Climate Formula

Restores Weathered Wood

Has Life Expectancy of 3-5 years

Oil Based, Paraffinic Protection

Protects Structural Integrity of Wood

Makes Your Fence, Decks, & More Last Longer

We have several options available in wood stain colors for gorgeous curb appeal and long lasting protection for your wood fences, decks, play equipment, pergolas, arbors, and more. Whether it’s our beautiful light cedar, classic cedar, walnut, sierra, or other color that go with your existing aesthetics, our beautiful stains will bump up your curb appeal for sure.

Plano Fence Staining – Finish with Quality Sealants

Our quality oil based paraffinic sealants help to protect the structural integrity of wood on fences. Here are a few benefits of our quality sealants:

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