How Our Professionals Restore Your Fence

A wood fence can be an attractive part of any yard or landscape, but they’re constantly exposed to weather and elements, so over time, they can become damaged, warp, and faded. At Curb Appeal Wood Care, our professional Plano fence staining contractors can help you restore any fence to excellent condition, no matter how much damage it’s suffered over time.

Our professionals know how important your fence is to your home, and how important your home is to you and your family, so we always make sure that our services are totally thorough and as high quality as possible. If you need to have your fence restored, you can rely on us for excellent service whenever you need it.

Our fence restoration process includes each of these steps:


First, we’ll inspect your fence and look for any damages that will require intensive repairs, like cracks, holes, or missing panels. If we do find any major damage to your fence, we’ll repair the damage before we begin any other restoration work. Wood can be damaged by almost anything, and if the repairs aren’t taken care of, they’ll only leave more of your fence vulnerable to further damage.

Power Washing

Power washing is the best and most efficient way to clean a fence that’s been damaged by time. This step in the fence restoration process is very important to your Plano home’s wood fence. It guarantees that your fence will look its best and also gets it ready to be stained. Without pressure washing, your new wood stain may not properly adhere to the wood.

Our professionals will be able to thoroughly clean your fence without causing any damage. We’ll use the perfect levels of pressure to ensure that your fence looks its best and no part of your property or landscape is harmed.

Staining and Preserving

After the pressure washing, we’ll allow the fence to thoroughly dry before we apply the sealer and stain.

Sealing a fence is the perfect way to make sure that it looks great, as wood can grey over time with nothing more than exposure to the elements. Pick a tone that’s a littler darker than you want the finished product to appear because the sun will, over time, lighten whatever shade you apply. However, be careful with going too dark. Dark fences will absorb heat from the sun, increasing the chance of warping. Our professionals will be able to help you find the perfect balance.

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